Insult passphrase generator

Insult code by Ron Hardin.

Each entry has about 42 bits of randomness. Queries are not recorded. Randomness is probably as good as the random resource in the operating system.

You misbegotten keg of abandoned cod autacoid

You racking highball glass of ulcerated flying squirrel dribble

You deplorable cereal bowl of adulterous Rock scoria

You unattractive casket of luetic magpie vomition

You shocking dessert spoon of neuralgic titlark effluent

You troubling coffee urn of scorbutic basking shark parings

You rueful mazer of toxicant fox terrier flowers

You blemished tinderbox of phthisic hawksbill turtle traces

You grievous noggin of tabid Faverolle debris

You depressing vasculum of variolar mollusk shit