2 Cats

I used to think $500 days were
the price of children and loving near New York
It's a lot more now.

We were walking off a fat, slow, gross dinner
it was the first warm Saturday of the year
New York has been full of people walking dogs
soccer players on the way to North Meadows

Is worth the read
Now it was tourists and sightseers.
It was still warm enough for walking to the Port Authority

St. Patrick's front doors were open
the votives lit, inviting us across 5th Avenue.
When we got to the steps, they were closed,
A little too late for their richness

Digital snaps of moments all around.
New cell phones, new residents, tourists all exploring new memories

If a company has feelings-
Kodak must cry with every move of the image to disk.

After watching the lazy ovals of the Zamboni
on the ice, I had to move-
Window shopping at The Rock is an exercise
in what other people want more than money.
Expensive white shirts still need ironing

I got mine on sale years ago at Brooks Brothers January sale
I still like the lace inserts and the pintucks.

We got wonderfully hustled right by NBC.
a third harvest with skill
I blame it on the anachronistic dinner and conversation

Even the sidewalk grabs your high heels
After you are softened up by the electric
Zamboni at Rockefeller Plaza
You realize that there are eight more blocks to the
nearest safe lo.
Times Square's onslaught is the city's
last best sensory fleece to a perfect spring day

Our suburban men wait for us
Broke like all the bums and poor people
waiting for the next elevator out of town,
But still holding doors and shepherding their eggs
to safety. Genetic echoes of evolutionary success.
Even Playbills look out of place in this reality.

This morning, I remember the Speum at MOMA,
echoing performances 30 years ago.
There has to be something in Lucite at MOMA that
shows how to view half full/half empty in ARIAL/BOLD
Then, my husband and I sat at Starbucks watching people,
chatting with a fellow Treo user,
As our son and his girlfriend came into the focus
of our odd lens, swimming uptown, relieved to be
back in familiar territory, all accounted for.

The dishes in the sink and the occasional sock
Remind me that this is as close to coming home that kids have.
My irritation is part of why they can't completely relax.
Maybe that's why Miles Davis is keeping me company this morning.

I have a warm bed, a husband to share adventures with.
Memories with such a price aren't high on his list either?
2 cats and weekend papers, crocus in bloom.
words to marshal on a screen. Ingredients for success
with different "on the mind" finishes.
New York is extra bold with high acidity.

12 March 2006