This is a live version of the original exhibit at the Liberty Science Center. One or more transforms are applied sequentially to a live image. These may be undone one-at-a-time, or cleared out completely. The image itself may be frozen or unfrozen by tapping the image. A config file can be supplied that will set the buttons to any Unicode string (UTF-8) format, which should allow for internationalization.

Most of the original transforms are available, and there are some new ones as well, some borrowed from the Portrait Style Station. I am still working on the new layout---my first attempts were not as intuitive as I'd like. See the screen shots below for the current layout. I need to discuss this with the folks at the Liberty Science Center.

The user interface is designed for a touch screen, but any mouse or track ball should work fine. The keyboard is only used for certain administrative and test commands, and should not be reachable by the public. The standard NTSC video stream is captured by a cheap Hauppaugh WIN/TV card. The center 320x240 bits are used, providing a digital zoom.

Status - 8 Aug. 2004

Still working on the screen layout. It also needs attract loop code, which is entirely rewritten from the old Digital Darkroom Software.

Screen Shots