What does sound look like?<.h2> The volume and audio spectrum of sound sources are displayed in real time. Sound can come from the microphone, or selected from a number of recordings. It's fun to see kids making rude noises at the machine.

The user interface is designed for a touch screen, but any mouse or track ball should work fine. It needs a monaural microphone and speaker. The keyboard is only used for certain administrative and test commands, and should not be reachable by the public.

Status - 8 Aug. 2004

Works pretty well, though the FFT code is not quite right. It only works for microphone input at the moment: the program does not yet know how to read .wav files, nor turn the speakers on to play sounds from files. Over 60 minutes of interesting sounds have been collected so far. It would be nice to have some public domain music, especially a soprano singing opera: the vibrato is very cool.

Needs an attract loop, which is likely to drive the museum docents crazy over the long run.

Screen Shots