Lost Friends Page.

Hello, lost friend. Welcome to the net. This is a page we've put up just for you.

We put your names here where the popular Web search engines could find them. Later, you came along and looked yourself up on the Web. This page popped up, and here you are.

Drop us some email, won't you?

Bill Cheswick

Lorette Ellane Petersen Archer Cheswick

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Shelly Hobson.

Lynn Maurer.

Tway Smith. You still owe me $250 plus interest.

Rosie Trenbeth, now almost certainly with another last name. A Minnesota state champion volleyballer, and good photographer.

Sue Trumbetta.

Sherry Urban, the midwife. He's ten years old, and still causing trouble.

Steven Summerfield, now a married hermit, the databases say.

Steven Fowler, formerly of Florham Park, NJ, and Vermont.

Will Martin, now the mucky-muck at Martin Dyeing and Textile.

Bruce Josephs. You went to Long Lake Lodge in 1966, and once wrote a paper on the Sterling external combustion engine.

Leslie Brill, also known as `Da Weez'.

Leslie LaBoissiere McMahan.

Carmela Merlo.

John Porter and Bink Porter, sons of Paul D. Porter of Lawrenceville fame.

Michael Clarke, the Philadelphia assistant DA.

Mott Canon. Wow, it would be cool if you re-emerged. Probably impossible, too.

Tony Donnecker, formerly of Temple and the Datastore.

Debbie Little, Terry Jo Little's sister. Terry Jo Little, too.

Leticia Noguares, one of the finest bosses I have ever had, and a good friend.

We have located a number of friends so far with this page.