Bill Cheswick - Cheap Research - Public medicine cabinet

Public medicine cabinet. We have just remodeled our house, and have to install a medicine cabinet in a spare bathroom. This bathroom is generally used by visitors during, say, dinner parties. Given the propensity of people to poke into medicine cabinets, we'd like to give them some things to find, like poisons, shrunken heads, etc. Any suggestions?


From Cooper F. Nelson:

How about a flat-panel LCD? You could trigger it to come out of standby when the door opens. Some ideas what to show:

  • White noise.
  • That cool 3d aquarium windows screen saver.
  • Steamboat Willie.
  • A large, pixelated health pack (ala 'Doom'). Not sure if you play video games, but a cliche' is to put health powerups in medicine cabinets.
  • A black and white video of a sterotypical 50's mother (with face mask) opening a medicine cabinet (from the inside perspective), screaming (with audio) and shutting it. Synchronizing this properly would be a well proper hacking endeavor.
  • A first person Ches-view of you in the kitchen, doing some mundane task and making small talk (aka Being John Malkovitch).
  • A close-up, blinking, eye.
  • The possibilities are endless.