Stock Review

Since it is far and away my largest income source, I guess us unemployed should review the portfolio and prospects.

A few weeks ago, when AAPL was at 610, I considered lightening up on it. It is still a cheap stock, but it was a major fraction of my holdings. "Too much of a good thing is wonderful", but this nest egg is what I am living on now, so a little caution seems appropriate.

So I watched as the stock drifted down substantially over a week. Then their earnings report came out, blowing away all the estimates. AAPL is even cheaper, even after it rose back to 612. I sold half, still leaving it my largest holding.

Today's stock review has resulted in an updated and re-marked watch list, at


AZO autozone Earnings growing at 21% steady, 31% in the past year. PE is reasonable. BCPC balchem I hold this one (smallest holding). It's at the bottom of its channel. I probably

should have bailed. 20% earnings over ten years, now down to 15% growth.

Not shabby, but probably why it has swooned.

COH     coach   Growing nicely, Fool likes it, big hit in China.
CTSH    cog. tech.      40% grower, now down to 20%.  Outsourcing to
India.  You would think this
                                would be hit by the recession and weak
recovery, but 20% is quite nice. Price
                                path is a little too exciting for me.
PCLN    priceline       50-70% annual earnings growth.  This stock is

not expensive! Fool choice. PNRA Panera steady 20-26% growth. Not cheap. I am wary of restaurants: they tend to

                                flare and die. Fool selection.
QSII            quality systems electronic dental records, a fool
selection.  Choppy stock, with
                                earnings that used to be above 35% per
year, now steady in mid 20s. I
                                own some, it has been a ride.
SRCL    stericyle       medical waste.  Steady 20% grower.