Earthquake in Bernardsville!

We just had a quake, at 8:59. There was a distinct faint boom (P-wave) and an "interesting" shake about a second later. The shake was a single boom that shook the house, not enough to dislodge anything, but I did check the furnace while figuring this all out.

The local paper had reported something like this a week or two ago. =20

This is the fourth quake I have ever felt: there was the magnitude 8 way north in Quebec that rattled the windows in our Morristown victorian home; a slight double bump felt in a hot tub near Mammoth mountain; and the Upper Black Eddy quake a few summers ago that made me wonder if a truck had just hit the corner of our rental house at the Jersey shore.

Of course, none of these amount to much, locally. I've never had to seek a doorway or table, or run through broken glass in my often-bare feet. But I am going to San Francisco soon for eight days...